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Have you ever considered wearing a mouth guard to help with your sleep?

Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard Los Angeles


Have you ever considered wearing a mouth guard to help with your sleep apnea condition-especially when you grind your teeth a lot? If not, you should know that it helps, especially if your case is the mild type. And what about the loud and weird noise that keeps your partner up all night? Sleep Apnea Center experts will help you correct your loud snoring depending on the severity of your condition.

How exactly does Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard Los Angeles work?

Well, it’s easy. It adjusts your jaw and the position of your tongue to maintain your airways open throughout the night. Remember, you do not get to decide whether you need a mouth guard or not.

Apart from having your airways blocked and interrupted breathing episodes, there’s another level of sleep apnea that comes about. With your brain making attempts to normalize your breathing again so that you do not suffocate in your sleep, your jaw muscles are also activated to grind and clench. It interrupts the excellent quality and quality sleep that you seek to have at night. A mouth guard helps in his case, but you must know how to adjust to sleep with one.

What do you need to do in this case?

Below are some tips to guide you and help you get a good experience out of your mouthguard:

Choose the best one for you

You will most likely be comfortable with your mouthguard when the material that goes into your mouth is not a problem. As much as you can get one over the counter, having one made for you by a dentist would be a preferable right choice. That way, you’ll get a custom fit that is specially made for you.

Keep it clean

Your mouthguard would be going into your mouth every night, which means you would always want to ensure that it’s clean. Just like your everyday dental care routine, your mouthpiece should be on the schedule too. Brush it regularly to keep it free from bacteria and foul odors. If you don’t know how to go about cleaning it, a dentist would always provide you with a guide to help you do that.

Have a good timing

A mouth guard would most likely make you uncomfortable, especially during the first days. You do not have to experience that, well, at least not for an hour or two. You can put the mouth guard on a few minutes before going to bed to have a grip of how it would feel like during the night. It would help you reduce the little discomfort that comes with it and the idea of it bothering you in your sleep.

Embrace the patience factor

When it comes to getting the hang of your mouthguard and getting used to wearing it, patience is also a virtue. Wear it diligently every night, be patient, and let it do what it does best.


Mouthguards from Sleep Apnea Center come in handy as tongue retaining devices to help you a little bit with your sleep apnea. That may solve your sleep apnea problem and improve the situation to a whole new level.

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